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Product features: 

It has strong spraying effect, could clean the choke valve and regulator valve of the carburetor, and remove the colloid, dirt and carbon deposit. If it used by an injection pipe, it will have a better effect. It has no harm to the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor, and has the effect of maintaining the engine, resolving the problem of unsteady idle or hard to start up. 


Automatic chokes: remove air cleaner, disconnect heat riser tube, mark position and remove choke cover, take out baffle plate. Spray contents in the vacuum piston and cylinder and then on both ends of choke valve shaft. Keep working choke until it becomes free. Start engine and spray the piston and Cylinder while working the choke by hand. Replace baffle plate, choke cover, heat riser tube and air cleaner  

Carburetor Linkage: Say on dirty or oily linkage, let set for a few seconds and flush off by spraying again Fuel Injection Intake Systems: Dismantle and/or access fuel injection air fuel intake systems. Spray liberally to instantly dissolve baked on gum, carbon, soil and resin deposits 

Manifold Heat Controls: Spray on exposed part of heater valve shaft while engine is cold. Let fluid penetrate, then , move counter weight up and down until valve is free.  

PCV Smog Valve: Domed crankcase side of PCV valve, leave vacuum side connected. Apply by inserting snorkel tube into open end of valve while working valve. let soak for 3 minutes. Start engine and spray again into valve to  completely flush valve out Reconnect, idle for a few minutes. 

 Handling: wash thoroughly after handling. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Do not smoke while using the product. Do not use excessive heat, sparks, or open flame. Store in clean, dry locations away from excessive heat. Store I. areas designated for the storage of Level Aerosols 

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